January, 2019 Archive

Cute Print Ad on Independence Day

  Clean, classical, tongue-in-cheek simple print copywriting, so very rare these days. Notice, at the bottom corner, even the website address is fun, relatable, memorable and easy. Chaichai.in…as if in a...

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First in Cricket History, When Sun Stops Play During India New Zealand ODI

I kid you not. Not rain, bad weather nor lack of light, Shikhar Dhawan and Virat Kohli walked off due to ‘too much light.’ Dhawan complained to the umpires of the sun and how its direct rays causing discomfort in...

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Hurrah! Haryana’s Missing Girls are Back. Leap of Improvement in Gender Ratio

Killing unborn female child was perfectly fine. Not anymore. One upon a time Haryana was notorious for skewed sex ratio. I remember, during school days, I always used to spot Haryana at the bottom of the gender ratio...

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