First in Cricket History, When Sun Stops Play During India New Zealand ODI

By | Et Alia


I kid you not. Not rain, bad weather nor lack of light, Shikhar Dhawan and Virat Kohli walked off due to ‘too much light.’ Dhawan complained to the umpires of the sun and how its direct rays causing discomfort in spotting the ball.

How life throws surprises and catch us unaware. Imagine, an internatial game backed by a battery of professionals from two countries and ICC couldn’t predict the obvious risk. And they ask you, where will you be five years from now? What would you call not knowing of tomorrow: a discouragement or encouragement? Are we ready to enjoy, endure and survive unplanned surprises that life tosses at us with weird sequences? Can we rather be prepared for serendipitous surprises of reality? Disruption is knocking at the door. Will we delight in not knowing instead of scrambling for breathlessness? Can we be courageous and keep our eyes and ears open to new possibilities? Image courtesy: Times of India

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