Hurrah! Haryana’s Missing Girls are Back. Leap of Improvement in Gender Ratio

By | Equality



Killing unborn female child was perfectly fine. Not anymore.

One upon a time Haryana was notorious for skewed sex ratio. I remember, during school days, I always used to spot Haryana at the bottom of the gender ratio table. But not any longer. For all the social campaigns, digital bridging, mainstreaming propagation (aka movies like Dangal, pop culture), free internet (leading to neo world view), on-your-face stark reality (aka bride buying from other states) and overall awareness, preference for girl child is subtly and strongly taking an upswing in once infamous Haryana. In an absolute stride forward, for the first time, Haryana has logged the highest ever ratio of 914 girls against 1,000 boys. This is was unimaginable, unthinkable when I was in school. It seems all the awareness, education, prosperity have melted mindsets, touched an ingrained patriarchal structure, refreshed old prejudices, disbelief and sexist assumptions.

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