The Story of Lakshmi Puja Where Fortune Favors the Motivated Hard Worker

By | Et Alia



Today is Lakshmi Puja. Do you know why this goddess of wealth and prosperity is worshiped? Here’s a very interesting story.

There was a king. The king has a heart of gold. He buys back all leftovers that his farmers, craftsmen, merchants bring to the weekly market. One day he bought an unsold but beautiful statue of Alakshami (goddess of poverty, ill fortune). He placed it in his royal temple, next to Lakshmi. That night, goddess Lakshmi left the temple teary eyed. How could she stay with Alakshami? In no time, misfortune reigned the kingdom driving away wealth and prosperity. For many months and ages, the hapless king prayed, kept fast, offered prayers and performed puja. At last, pleased by all these, goddess Lakshmi blessed the king with prosperity and wealth. There are many versions to this folklore. Gist from the metaphor is: there is an entrepreneur who failed due to lack of focus, self-discipline, wine, women, gambling, what not. That’s how he brought Alakshmi home. But with his willingness to swim against all odds, conviction, rationalization, hardwork, dedication, persistence he got his mojo back. In other words, got Lakshmi (wealth, fortune and prosperity) back at home.

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