Women’s Day: Making Equality a Reality, a Culture to Champion Inclusivity

By | Equality


Thank God, as a society, we have come a long way from such outrageously demeaning, sexist objectification of women. Agree, there is still inequality today, but haven’t we moved on from such omnipresent perpetuation of sexist, body shaming, unequal stereotypes? Yes, we have cracked down on such elements, in pop culture, in media, in workplace, in films, in science, in medicine, in industry, in government, where not. Thank God this is 2019 and not 60s and 70s.

We have tougher standards today, we have framed policies, we have propelled hashtag activism from niche to mass, brought attention to issues otherwise unaddressed by society and under-reported by media. In the past few decades, significant milestones towards the attainment of gender equality have been achieved. Together we have gathered more awareness of right and wrong, we have moved on. Yes, we have miles to go. These disturbing images above will remain as symbols of suppression and haunt us mankind forever. Together, we will work towards in eliminating all forms of discrimination based on gender as they are violations of human rights. We must always remember UNESCO’s message that women, men and third gender must enjoy equal opportunities, choices, capabilities, power and knowledge as equal citizens. Equipping girls and boys, women and men with the knowledge, values, attitudes and skills to tackle gender disparities is a precondition to building a sustainable future for all.

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